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Thanks for stopping by our place on the web.  At Black Swamp Wood Turning we are committed to bringing you quality hand made products that are literally one of a kind pieces of art, at a reasonable price.

Each item will come signed by the artist (often on the gift box or on a letter inside), not a rubber stamp or a carbon copy but ink from the artist's hand to yours.  With that being said when you see a product offered for sale here be sure to note if the actual item is for sale or if you will be receiving a similar item (made from the same medium with the same general design).  We'll let you know this up front so you can make the best possible decision regarding your purchase.

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Thank you and God Bless.


We're Back!

It's hard to believe it's been 5 years since I started this site. It's even harder to believe that I haven't kept up on it very well.  TRUST ME, we've been making pens, a lot of pens.  We've added 3 new wood lathes to the shop and even had some room to add a metal lathe recently.  It was bought specifically to make bushings for pen making!

We've branched out into all sorts of projects. The one that changes things here the most is the introduction of acrylic and other "plastic like" material.  I'm hesitant to use the word plastic because it is immediately associated with "cheap".  These pens are beautiful and the colors you can choose from are endless.  Even if you just use a piece of acrylic to accent a wood pen it makes it stand out beautifully.

So what's new?  I guess the biggest "New" thing is that we no longer take custom orders. I know it sounds rash but we never started this to make money.  This was started because we love working on a lathe and making beautiful writing instruments. So if you see it in our products page it's one of a kind and you're welcome to inquire to see if we still have it but we will no longer take special orders.  This puts us back in the realm of "Artist".  You can buy an artists work but many of them would not accept commissioned work, as they felt it was diminishing their creativity.   We want to be free to create anything that we find beautiful, not tied to someones interpretation.  So if see something you really like posted here you're welcome to purchase it but if it's not please check back in a week and see if there is something that catches your eye!

**Disclaimer**  We do have 1-2 guys that will still do 'some' commissioned work, drop us a line to be sure but someone can probably help you out.

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